5 Rules for Meeting Someone on Sex Sites

Relationships are not easy. You have to be caring, kind, honest, respectful, and much more. No matter if it is a friendship, a relationship with a sibling, or it’s romantic, you have some obligations and at times it can be a bit rocky. They can also be incredibly awesome, but let’s face it­ that’s not always the case. Is there a type of relationship that is always awesome? Yup.

Introducing the “fuck buddy”. You may know it as “friends with benefits”, but they are one and the same. What is it? Well, it is simply two people who have sex occasionally without any strings attached. “Oh, how rude, that is simply the most disturbing thing I have ever read!”, you exclaim as you sip your Rosy Lee (British for tea) and peer at the screen through your monocle as others murmur “Capital!” around you.

Stop. Get off your high horse. You can’t critique something that you have never experienced or heard of. You wouldn’t walk up to Kobe and tell him his jumper is wack if you’ve never cashed out and scored 81 points in an NBA game would you? So before you hate on it, take some time to understand it.

Honestly, pretty much everyone who has been in a fuck buddy relationship has thought it was the shit. You get to have your needs fulfilled while avoiding the heartbreak or anything like that. Well, some people do get attached, but it wasn’t necessarily because of recklessness on the other party’s half; it was simply because some rules were not clearly defined when the relationship began. These rules help keep a fuck buddy relationship healthy and prevent either person from being hurt, and will be listed below for you to examine.

Rule Numero Uno:  D on’t get attached!

When your fuck buddy relationship begins, it is usually a “you’re hot, I’m hot, let’s get jiggy wit it” kind of situation. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of platonic. It’s not about catching “the feels,” but rather it just satisfies some needs that both of you have been deprived of. That said, you need to make sure you never lose sight of that and know that it is strictly a physical relationship. If you do fall for them, there isn’t a way in which you can change the relationship to one that is romantic and means more than casual sex; they are just there for the sex, and you should be too.

By treating them like a friend you just have sex with, you won’t feel any pressure and can break it off at any time you please. If you get bored with each other, no problem, just move on. Neither one of you will get hurt, and you can remain friends after; no need to stop all communication. A fuck buddy can always remain your buddy, even without the sex. That being said, don’t get attached; it’s a simple relationship­ keep it that way.

Rule Number 2:  C heck your emotions at the door.

A sex­only relationship cannot last if one of the parties brings their emotions into it.

When you meet up, you’re supposed to have fun­ that’s the whole point. Both of you just want a little fun now and then, and if one of you keeps talking about how shitty work was that day or how the past year has sucked, expect the other person to never hit you up again. They are in it for the sex, and so should you. Remember, it’s the opposite of platonic.

Rule Number 3:  D on’t bring your fuck buddy into your personal life. 

If you are ever invited to a family gathering and want to bring someone with you, do

yourself a favor and don’t text your fuck buddy. First off, there’s no way in hell they would ever want to meet your family or close friends. You should want them to stay the hell away from all of that too if you know what’s good for you.

Let’s say you’re a moron, and you call your sex pal and ask them to go to some outing with your parents and siblings. They won’t go, and they shouldn’t. Do you know how awkward that would be? You can tell your parents they are just a friend, but then they will speculate on if its more of a romantic relationship and Aunt Judy and Uncle Frank are gonna know all about this person by next Tuesday. Next Thanksgiving they’re gonna ask you about that person, and you’re gonna have to make some shit up. Do both of you a favor and delete that text you were gonna send them.

By keeping them out of your personal life, you can go them, have bombass sex, and let all of the crap in your life fade away for a while. They don’t want to hear about your work, and you shouldn’t want to know anything more about them than the color of their sheets. Keep it simple, and you keep it healthy.

Rule Number Four:  K eep any other sexual exploits to yourself.

When you have a friend with benefits, it is best to keep it non­exclusive, and that is

something that is more known than discussed. They know you can sleep around with other people, but they don’t want to hear about it. If you tell them about another fuck buddy you have, it could make them feel a little insecure. Remember, we are all people and not everyone’s ego is bulletproof. Yes, they shouldn’t care about it, but it’s kinda shitty on your part by telling them about it. For all you know, you could be their only friend with benefits.

Rule Number Five:  B e discreet when hitting them up for sex.

It’s late at night, and you need a little somethin’. You reach across your bed and

grab your phone off the nightstand. Tap tap tap click click click click. Text sent. What did you say? “Wanna get nasty?” That wasn’t the way to do it; they’re not a prostitute. When you hit them up to go to Bang Town, be discreet. Text them saying “Want to get drinks later?” You both know that “drinks” doesn’t mean just “drinks”, and they feel like they are a friend you appreciate, rather than getting the feeling like they’re just one of your playthings.

A friend with benefits relationship is all about respect. You need to realize that they are a person with feelings as well, and no one likes to feel unappreciated. By asking them out for drinks, you help keep the relationship casual, healthy, and it can help sustain the situation for ever how long you two desire. Treat each other with dignity before you get a bit undignified later on.

Maintaining a fuck buddy relationship can seem tricky, but really, it’s one of the best relationships you can be in. If you follow these rules, no one will get hurt, and both of you can remain on good terms once the relationship has lost its fire. Remember to be respectful, discreet, and keep it simple. If you want more than what a friend with benefits can give you, you’re looking in the wrong place.  If you’re looking to an easy way to find a fuck buddy online, then check out MeetBang.com – it’s the free and easy way to connect with people looking to get down near you.